The last date of invitations for the 489 visa has been announced

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The last date of invitations for the 489 visa has been announced

There has been an announcement of changes in the 187 visa. This visa will now be sending invites until the date of 10th September 2019. So, based on an invite, you should be able to put an application on 15th November 2019. Any application which has not been filed until this date would be considered invalid.

The RSMS Temporary Residence Transition(TRT)stream is for those workers, who have been working in Australia already, provided they applied for the 482 visa before March 20th, 2019. So, it’s time for all the applicants for the 187 visa to hurry up and file their applications. The 187 visa is given to those who have the job offer in regional Australia from an employer(Direct Stream) or have already been employed in regional Australia for 3 years and have an employer sponsoring them(TRT stream)

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Regional Australia would include a lot of areas excluding Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. The specific postcodes would be included for the regional areas.

Applications for the 491 visa

The applications for the 491 visa would start getting invited from the 16th of November, 2019. This is a nomination based visa which is given based on the nomination from a state. Apart from that, this visa provides you with a right to live in a regional area of Australia for 5 years. Any change of residence is allowed only after 3 years. After 3 years, you are eligible for the 189/190 visa and apply for it. All the family members will have to live in a certain regional area. Any change will have to be informed to immigration authorities within 14 days.

Applications for the 494 visa

The applications for the 494 visa will be replacing the temporary skill shortage visa. The nomination for this visa will have to be consented upon before applying for this visa. In short, this visa requires a nomination from the state or territory government. The business must have entered into a labor agreement with the government for their employee nominations to be approved.

To hire any employee from abroad, it is better to have a labor market testing done. The applicants for this visa must have undergone a skill assessment for them to be eligible. This visa will have the strict condition that you will have to work for the employer who has nominated you. You cant change your employer. You can change the employer only while working for the nominating employer. Once your employment ends with the nominating employer, you have 90 days to get a new employer on board with you or leave Australia.

The general skilled migration scheme bars anyone from applying for a partner visa unless you have lived in Australia for 3 years.

How to get the 191 visas?

They must have also earned a certain amount of taxable income for 3 years to be considered eligible for the 191 visa which will be given for PR.


Visa aspirants who need to apply for the 489 visa because its date is going to elapse soon. A time of 60 days is only remaining before the last invitations will be sent out which is 10th September 2019. Take suggestions from a visa consultancy like Nile Migration to know what are the best possible outcomes for you.
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