THE BEST Restaurants Near Brick Lane in London

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THE BEST Restaurants Near Brick Lane in London

Best Restaurant on Brick Lane

because the pleasant things to tick off your bucket listing are those that might legitimately deliver you towards that bucket, every Londoner in some unspecified time in the future needs to get a curry on Brick Lane. The only problem: it’s absurdly tough to inform the good curry houses from the horrific, unless you’re already a regular… this is, until now. With a callous — in reality, borderline silly — dismiss for our tastebuds’ heat tolerance, we went and rated they all from worst to quality.

  1. PREEM eating place & BALTI residence

one hundred twenty Brick Ln.The vibe: Sister eating place to Prithi. although it’s considerably larger, Preem’s workforce goes that greater mile to hustle you into ordering greater than you certainly want, and you can be sure their pointers gained’t be the less expensive alternatives.


53 Brick Ln.The vibe: If you want the Seventies, you’ll love this joint’s interior. The staff is commonly pleasant sufficient, even though they will attempt to up-sell the hell out of your meal.

  1. PRITHI BAR & eating place

124 Brick Ln.The vibe: It’s cheap and easy, with a passion for British cultural decorations… which regularly brings in massive agencies of touring college students taking one million selfies.

What to get: The naan is in which it’s at.something to keep away from? The body of workers may be plentiful, but that doesn’t suggest the provider is wonderful.

score: 3/10

  1. Town SPICE

138 Brick LnThe vibe: that is the first spot you hit when you move the curry divide of Brick Ln, and guy, do they are trying to get your commercial enterprise. you may wheel and deal them to a few crazy low fees, however just take into account to make certain they maintain up their cease of the deal.What to get: It’s all good enough, but a bit bland.

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