Ninjago Character Review

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Ninjago Character Review

What child does not dream of being a ninja warrior? Whether your birthday child enjoys the LEGO Ninjago series or just like material ninjas and arts, we have a remarkable idea for you. Read on!

Ninjago kids birthday party

Lego Ninjago dessert table

What an amazing Lego Ninjago inspired dessert table! The Ninja Dojo backdrop brings it all to life and moves you to Asia and makes you feel like you are exactly in the movie! Birthday party options with a Ninjago can be done with some companies just make sure they have good performers and costumes. If you have older kids at a party, parents may want to hire hula dancers to come out and entertain the kids.

Lego Ninjago cookies

Don’t miss the amazing plate full of Stone Warrior sugar cookies. They are wonderfully decorated and look far too best to take a bite out of!

Lego Ninjago birthday cake

Lego Ninjago decorated birthday cake is so much amazing!  I love the mix of ninjas decorating it and the weapon ninja toppers.

Lego Ninjago party decorations

Decorate a room with lots of colorful Ninjago inspired balloons. They will look wonderful and are fast and simple way to decorate a room. Just use normal balloons and Ninjago eye stickers.

Ninjago Spinjitzu training activity

Keep visitors entertained at your Lego Ninjago party with lots of amazing Spinjitzu training activities. You will be sending home fueled trained ninjas. The activities are best here!

Lego Ninjago party favors

Send guest home with one of these amazing Lego Ninjago inspired takeout party favors boxes full of goodies.

Candy sushi

Children at your Ninjago party may not have taste developed for true sushi quite yet, but this amazing candy is a different story! You can make these yourself with Starburst, gummy rings, Swedish fish, orange sprinkles, marshmallows, airheads and rice krispies.

Party place setting

Add some decoration to your Ninjago party place setting! Chopsticks, wonderful layers, take out boxes, chopsticks, a fortune cups and cookie with peering Ninjago eyes will support you defeat the status quo.

Ninjago lollipops

A pretty inspiration and crepe paper later, and you can surprise Ninjago party visistors with Ninjago Lollipops! Get lollipops and mummy wrap them in strips of crepe paper. Adhere a little set of Ninjago eyes with glue.

Ninjago balloons

You can make these Ninjago balloons in a matter of minutes! Print and cut out pictures of Ninjago character eyes and attach them to helium packed balloons with glue tape or dots.

Ninjago party books

Your Ninjago party idea book will be packed with inspiration after you view this Ninjago party full of coordinated details, color, including sweet treats and Lego Ninjago decorations! Plus, do not miss all of the artistic Ninjago activity ideas, many of which come as printable download!

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