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IP Camera | Network Camera

For CCTV digicam and IP digital camera, angle of insurance is a feature that describes the perspective range that a CCTV camera lens can image. normally the video picture circle is produced through a lens, that’s large sufficient to cowl the CCTV camera photo sensor completely. it is also possible to encompass some vignetting towards the brink.

If the attitude of coverage of the lens does not absolutely fill the photo sensor, the image circle could be apparent, normally with robust vignetting toward the threshold, and the powerful perspective of view may be restrained to the perspective of insurance.

For CCTV digicam and IP Camera, the attitude of insurance is especially determined by way of the focal duration of lens and the dimensions of image sensor.Given the situation that the lense of a CCTV camera is the identical, the larger the picture sensor is, the wider the perspective of insurance may be;

Given the condition that the scale of the photograph sensor is the equal, the better the range of focal length of the lens, the narrower the angle of insurance might be.commonly, the size of of photo sensor of CCTV digital camera is 1/three”, or half of.five”; the focal duration of lens is 2.8mm, three.6mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm.

With 1/three” of photo sensor, 2.8mm focal duration will imply about 90° of coverage; 4mm focal period approach about 70° insurance, 6mm manner approximately forty three.3°insurance, 12mm focal period interprets to about 20.6° insurance.

Note that specific photograph resolution may even slightly have an effect on the angle of insurance.

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