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In February 1990 he bet won a report breaking $6 million on the Trump Plaza casino, Atlantic metropolis. He done this huge win by using making a bet $2 hundred,000 a hand. alas his success ran out on his subsequent trip to the identical baccarat tables. He came returned in may additionally and unfortunately lost $10 million in a six days Baccarat session, making this the biggest single loss within the records of the game ever.


In the records of baccarat, there had been excessive rollers who’ve received huge sums of cash at the game, members of the nobility who have indulged in what became a activity that bordered at the spiritual, and of course, the images of James Bond that you could see from the movies.

However, there might not have ever been a group of players to equal the accomplishments of the Greek Syndicate.This band of mythical gamblers turned into fashioned in 1919 and they proceeded to launch an assault on Paris, however this isn’t always to mean that they have been bandits or horrific men. those men have been now not cheating; in fact, a long way from it. They had been simply very skillful at cards, to say the least, playing in Cannes, Paris, Deauville and in Monte Carlo.

The call “Greek Syndicate” sounded menacing, but on the identical time it changed into something of a misnomer, as the contributors had been no longer all Greek.The organization consisted of Francois Andre, who turned into French, and Zaret Couyoumdjian, and Armenian, in addition to Greeks Athanase Vagliano, Eli Eliopulo and Nicolas Zographos.

They’d a robust usual expertise of odds and playing, and a couple of them had been bookmakers as nicely. The original pair changed into Zographos and Eliopulo, and the others got here aboard earlier than too long. Vagliano turned into a delivery magnate and had nearly unlimited finances.

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